Tony Mangan – Exclusive evening at Run Logic!

Date: Thursday, Feb 19

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost: €20*
* This event is limited to 30 spaces. Tickets are available for purchase at Run Logic and online on thewebsite. Payment confirms your place on the night/ No reservations will be taken.
On this evening you will get the chance to learn about Tony’s preparation, planning and leadup to more than 4 years running around the world. Followed by a personal presentation of the first stage of the journey from the start in Ireland to Atlantic Canada, USA to the Mexican border. On the evening we will also have a Question and Answers session after the presentation.
Tony Mangan Bio:
Outsider Magazine Person Of The Year
– 2 World 48 hour records (still current)
– Ran 426km indoor track, Czech republic 2007
*This was the first time in history an athlete ran two consecutive days of 200km First day was 223 km and day 2 was 203 km
– Ran 48 hours/405 km World treadmill Record, in Longford
– Tony previously cycled around the world as well.
Tony Mangan was born and raised in Dublin, bullied in school, exempted from gym classes after breaking his arm. This one time sports wimp took on the world and ran around it!
He ran for 4 years, 41 countries, 5 continents, and 50,000 kilometres, almost 1,200 marathons in 1,155 road days starting and finishing with his city marathon, the Dublin marathon.
Running through 6 deserts with temperatures up to 52C in Mexico down to ice storms of temperatures up to -30C in America. 

All to live a dream, an insatiable monster that ate away at him for over 20 years in planning and leadup.

After completing the run in 2014, his physical recovery is ongoing, muscle wastage and physiotherapy, mental and physical recovery is a normal part of daily life, but it was well worth it, no regrets!

The next chapter in this epic journey of Tony’s life is just beginning, with the writing of the book, motivational talks and continued list of awards added to his list.

Be one of the first to get up close and personal, on this intriguing, captivating and awe inspiriting night with Tony Mangan.

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