Running Form Clinic and Saucony Test night

Have you ever been curious about running technique?

We are hosting a ‘Running Form Clinic’ followed by a
short training run. The aim is to introduce people to
the elements of correct running form.

Professional running coach, Emmette Dunleavy of will be going through a short explanation and seminar on ‘running form’ at the start of the evening.

Following this, we will get the chance to ‘Try on’ the brand new range of Saucony Triumph ISO running shoes. The footwear on loan for the evening is suited to practicing your running form.

Our run this evening will be about 5 km, where we get a chance to practice the elements of ‘running form’.

The evening is FREE to everyone attending. Please come in your normal running kit, including shoes.

All levels of fitness welcome!

Register by doing one of the following:

1. Register on Facebook ‘Events’ @ runlogicireland
2. Email us at ‘’
3. Call the shop (01-5989 777)
4. Drop into the store for a coffee and put your name on the list.

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