LED Lenser SEO 5 headlamp, €60 by Ash Senyk

With advancements in lense technology and battery run time the SEO 5 is one of the best head torch essential items for your next night time activity. The claimed 180 lumens (one lumen is equal to one candle light) certainly brightens up the path in the darkness at full power. The run time is up to 7 hours on full or 25 hours on the low light setting. Extremely universal for any kind of sport requiring a light or just a torch for your head around the house doing building projects. Best feature is the focus which can hone in one spot or be adjusted to give a broad beam of light.

I ran for more than 12 months with the same batteries they were supplied with. I am not sure if that is normal, but they lasted very well. Using the dimming switch also helps reduce the burn on battery.

At the end of my last ultra marathon in the darkness the light became my best friend. During the run I was relying on reflectors about the size of a postage stamp to guide my path. The headlamp was ideal for spotting the directions and making it to the end of the race.

Dont forget that this type of headlamp comes in very handy for other projects (around the house DYI, or our camping)


HIT: Brightness and beam adjustment.

KNOCK: The headband is light elastic and with heavy duty use might stretch over time.

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