Craft Beer/Food Ultra run

Start: 11:00 am/ Sat 28th Feb
Distance: 10km – 23 km
Location: Run Logic – shop

Everyone has been asking me to setup another pub run?! So this particular run I have planned around finishing at the ‘Craft Brews/Food Festival.’

My plan on the day is to gather runners together, do a massive run, then finish up for a couple of hours of Craft beer and food (perfect runners diet). Am I crazy?!?

Anyway – the plan is to put in a nice few miles depending on the weather. A lap out to Poolbeg Lighthouse is my first choice, but some people might not like that distance (about 14 miles).

For those that don’t like that distance I’ll gladly let them off for a shorter distance and reconnect with them at the Convention Centre.

Cost: Entry at the event is €20 at the door or €15 via – for this you get 4 beer/food tokens plus a cup.

I would imagine a couple of hours to burn up some tokens and social activity then the day be over.

Starting: Temple Bar – Run Logic/
Ending: Dublin Convention Centre

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