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In the first chapter of our ‘traveling’ running group, we headed to Brussels in Belgium to run the marathon on October 4th, 2015. Four lucky souls from the ‘Run Group’ received VIP entries from our partner New Balance.

Ryanair flights to Brussels for the weekend were extremely cheap, coming at less than €50 for a round trip in most cases.  The hotels were also equally reasonable in price.

Course: The marathon course is extremely picturesque, but definitely not flat. While the course started in the EU business district you began the run with a gentle decline, before heading lightly up an incline for a few miles then into a series of tunnels.

After about 5 km you enter a series of parks and begin long – loops which return back to a long downhill stretch and incline again toward the halfway point. It was at this part of the course the large trees created a lovely canopy of green above, a a good rest from the sunshine. While the temperatures were mild enough, it was a mixture of shade which kept things reasonable for us Irish competitors.

Returning back to Brussels city via the starting line and EU District we were treated to a few kilometers of descent into the ‘Grand Palace Square’. Also came the cobble stones at this point and tough crowds to break through it you needed to break into a sprint finish.

While the finish line was located slightly off the centre of town, there was lovely benches setup for people to sit/ stretch and relax after the run. We were handed a ‘Duvel’ beer, 8.2% alcohol at the end with our goodie bags. A welcome sight after the marathon which had me scrambling for my footsteps after just one. That’s the Belgium way¬!

Post race antics included Mussels and Fries, Beers and a catchup on the Rugby match.

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